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 We are in audio business for over 25 years. 

 Quality: If you are looking for quality, long term product consistency, before and after sales support - you are in the right place. If on the other hand you have the word “cheap” on your mind we are not for you so you need to go somewhere else. 

Price: Portals which by now are almost household names and where millions of people are happily spending their money are charging ever growing fees to sellers who in turn factor them into their prices. Buyers forgot or do not realize that those portals are nothing but middlemen. By clever advertising they brought most of us to believe that only they can deliver the best. Well, you - the buyer are actually paying for that illusive convenience. Ask yourself this: if you were told up front that product price is “x” and associated portal service fees are “y” would you happily pay “x+y” and be done or would you at least try to look for alternatives?

Shipping cost: Shipping cost is a reality, there is no transportation company that does it for free. Look at it this way: If you go to a retail store or a shop it costs you time and money to get there. Shipping cost is equivalent of that. "Free shipping" you see advertised on many sites is a fiction, just a marketing gimmick which we do not use.

Shipping point:  our orders are shipped only from our locations in the USA (only some products) or UK. We do not ship from half of the world away and we do not "drop ship" from another businesses.

Decision: it is your money and your decision. Just remember that with us here you pay for the product and shipping. 

By placing your order with us you are accepting and agreeing to all our policies, terms and conditions.

Example of wall plate for a smart tv.

Set of cones FSB-2-DC